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E-Learning Researcher

Mashreq University (MU) is seeking qualified person to join Media and Technology Research Center ; a new research center focuses in education development:

The Research Center objective is developing the education process at MU. As part of the Center you will be responsible for studding the problem of how to develop the students' learning outcome and how to apply e-Learning technologies optimally. Other duties will include administration of the implementation of e-Learning projects and monitor their progress.

Qualifications and Experience:

- You should hold a university degree in a relevant field and have previous experience of working in a Research Group/NGOs/International Corp., you may have degree on (Mathematics, Science, Computing or Engineering).

- The candidate should be highly motivated and exposed to the new global trends and technologies used in Education, he/she should have a solid background in information technology specially in e-Learning systems, as well as good communication and writing skills in English language.

- Having the spirit of a scientific researcher and the broad awareness of cutting-edge technologies and their applications as Big Data, Augmented Reality, MOOC,..etc. will be crucial in the selection for this job.

- This job is eligible for both Sudanese and Foreign Nationalities.

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