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We are proud to introduce Mashreq University as one of the distinguished higher education institutions in Sudan, we strongly believe that our society depends on the quality of higher education to achieve its goals and wishes, we are devoted to help our students to achieve their educational ambitions, we value excellence, integrity, ethical, and moral responsibility.Our administration, academic and administrative staff are devoting every effort to provide quality education to our students. We are proud of all what Mashreq University is today and we seek with great ambition to create an even greater Mashreq tomorrow.

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  • Registration for Master's programs

    Posted in: MU Events on: 2020-09-26

    College of Graduate Studies announces the beginning of Master programs registration for the following specialization:
    2-Information Technology
    3-Business Administration
    4- Media - Communication Sciences
    5- Telecommunication Engineering
    6- Network Engine...

  • TV interview with Dr Nizar Khalil Al-Hallab

    Posted in: MU Events on: 2020-06-27

    Sudania 24, the TV channel, hosted Dr. Nizar Khalil Al-Hallab, Vice President of the University in a show about e-learning in Sudan between reality and expectation. Dr. Al-Hallab outlined the successful experience of E-learning the University has for the past five years. In addition, the interview address...

  • Live broadcast about home nursing and it's importance with Dr. Fathia Saeed Saleh

    Posted in: MU Events on: 2020-06-16

    Al-Hilal channel today in a live broadcast about home nursing and it's importance with Dr. Fathia Saeed Saleh, Dean of the Faculty of Nursing at Mashreq University, the dialogue included: Definition of home nursing, And what kind of services that a nurse can provide to a patient at home, and demonstrate the ...

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Mashreq University vision is to bring students into the 21st century through innovation and modren technology. Learning will be enhanced with computer software and educational games that will allow students to procced at their own rate according to their ability.

Dr. Omar Hag Ali El-Hassan President of Mashreq University

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  • Mashreq University is the world’s leading learning institution.
  • We focus on practical and academic study.
  • Students opt to study with us because our certificate programs can help you stand out, stay current and make an impression that lasts.
  • We offer certificates of higher education in computing, engineering, Economics, and Business Administration, among other subjects.