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 Mashreq University is located in the north eastern side of Khartoum-Bahri city. It was established in the year 2003 ; when it obtained its approval from the Sudan Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research upon proving it's exceptionally well designed and ideally constructed premises to adequately accommodate the lecture rooms and other services. The approval included a close of appreciation of the infra-structure. The specially designed and constructed University buildings, facilities and infrastructure provide the appropriate educational environment.

Ten lecture rooms of different capacities are available for theoretical lectures. However, since the University is providing practical training within its academic syllabus, laboratories, well equipped with the latest technologies to complement the theoretical studies, are also available. This will ensure well trained and qualified graduates to meet both the market demand for technically qualified manpower with hands-on experiences and the academic research institutions as well; specially for those graduates who would like to continue their post graduate academic studies in the future.

Laboratories at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering, the Faculty of Communication Studies and the Faculty Networking and Micro-processing Studies are equipped with the latest in teaching aids technologies recommended by The High Education Development Agency. This makes El mashreq University well distinguished among its competitors. 

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Mashreq University

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