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International agreements

Partnerships and cooperation agreements with international Universities:

In an effort to develop and improve its academic standards, Mashreq University has set up an academic agreement with thre following International Educational Institutions,

-The University of Limkokwing - Malaysia; that has branches in London and Botswana and has also academic relations with prominent British and Australian universities.

-MSU University – Malaysia.

           -Rungta Group of Institutions, Central India.

           -Glocal University, India.

           -S.E.A Group Institutions, Bangalore, India.

This agreement provides an opportunity for graduate students in multimedia studies and information technologies to continue their post graduate studies at one of the mentioned institutes with nominal fees. The agreement also provides opportunities for the academic staff to exchange visits and experiences in an effort to standardize the syllabus of mutual academic programs inorder to exchange students, once the syllabus of each university has been accredited by the other. Exchanged summer vacation visits of students have also been agreed upon; the objective of which is the exchange of experiences and practical training opportunities.


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