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Information Technology

B.Sc. Degree in Information Technology

Information technology does not deal with computers hardware and software only i.e. handling and storage of information. It also includes communication technology for the exchange of the information.

Information systems technology, being in continuous development and progress, has become in high demand. Thus the requirement for developing specialized information systems such as the scientific information systems, the geographical information systems, the administrative information systems, the medical information systems …etc; has become inevitable. This has created an extensive demand for knowledgeable experts in design, development and follow-up of information systems


Preparing qualified cadres for the various areas of work in information systems capable of selecting the appropriate system for a particular institution; able to develop an effective, reliable, secure and progressive systems in accordance with the functions and objectives of the particular institution. The ability to make the management of the constitutions understands the components of the infrastructure for the information system and the ways of utilizing it and its future impact in the development of the institution's administration and management. Effectively contribute with the information system specialists in its technical support. 

Areas of Work Opportunities

Graduates of Information Technology have the valuable opportunity to working with the different economical and financial institutions such as the banks, the commercial companies and the financial institutions at large. They also have the opportunity of joining the health institutions, ministries and many other institutions that their nature of work is based on information and data collection and analysis.

Program Admission Requirements

  • Successfully obtaining The Sudan High School Certificate or its equivalent in scientific studies or techno-industrial studies.
  • Obtaining of pass marks in the four compulsory subjects (English language, Arabic language, Religion studies and additional mathematics).
  • Obtaining pass marks in any three other subjects that qualify for the program.

Terms of Admission

  • Success in Admission tests and interviews.
  • Commitment to abide with the University rules, regulations and discipline.

Commitment to settle the complete amount of tuition fees in due time

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