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The Scientific Method, Dimensions and units of Physical quantities, Power electronics, Measurements and First Course in Electronics.


'Low-loss three-phase frequency conversion using a TDM-PWM technique', Electronics Letters, Vol.23, No.3, Jan 1987, pp126-127.

'Multipliers use parallel look-up technique', Electronic Product Design, Vol.8, No. 6,June 1987, pp21-23.

'The Scientific Method', Jan.2011.
ISBN: 978-99942-987-8-5

2011 'الطريقة العلمية' 
ISBN: 978-99942-987-30-5

'Dimensions and units of physical quantities', 2011.
ISBN: 978-99942-52-59-6

'power electronics', 2012.
ISBN: 978-99942-60-15-7

'Measurements', 2012 .
ISBN: 978-99942-60-34-8

'A Fist Course in Electronics', 2012
ISBN: 978-99942-60-43-0

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