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Multimedia Diploma

Multimedia Diploma

The Multimedia is considered to be the most effective means for searching and transferring of information. El mashreq University has pioneered the higher education institutions by introducing the multimedia studies; in response to the growing demand for experts in the developing and complex nature of the multimedia programs.


Qualifying candidates of multimedia studies and preparing them with both theoretical and practical skills of multimedia sciences to meet the growing market demand.

The Programs that will be trained on

Macromedia Flash MX; Macromedia Director; Macromedia Freehand; Sound; Macromedia Dreamweaver MX;  ADOBE Photoshop; ADOBE Premiere; ADOBE After Effects; Forge; 3D Max; Maya; Pinnacle

The Academic Structure of the Program

A total of ninety approved hours that covers the syllabus of the specialty and the supplementary subjects as well. The program syllabuses match with the international standards of multimedia studies. The total exposition hours of the training program are 2505 hours.


The University has established the multimedia laboratory to the international standards.

Practical Training

Since the fundamentals of this program implementation can be accomplished though practical training on the relevant work packages, hands on practical sessions are conducted to provide the student with enough working skills.

Areas of Work Opportunities

 Holders of multimedia diplomas have the opportunities of working in the vast market of mass media such as the broadcasting services, television, publishing establishments, printing houses, educational establishments and commercial establishments utilizing multimedia technologies.

Program Admission Requirements

·         Successfully obtaining The Sudan High School Certificate or its equivalent in scientific studies or technical studies or humanitarian studies.

Terms of Admission

·         Success in Admission tests and interviews.

·         Commitment to abide with the University rules, regulations and discipline.

·         Commitment to settle the complete amount of tuition fees in due time.

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