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Second semester exam schedule for University requirements

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Continuous of registration for master degree programs



Mashreq university announce that “The registration for the master degree programs

1-     Mechatronics

2-     Information Technology

3-     MBA

Will continuous until Thursday 20/7/2017

And the study resumes on Saturday 1/7/2017”

Inauguration Ceremony of the Graduate Studies Programs 2017/2018



Inauguration Ceremony of the graduate studies Programs 2017/2018 has been successfully conducted on 20th May 2017 at the electronic library.

The Inauguration Ceremony was graced by the university president Dr. Omer Hag Ali.

The inaugural addressed by president of the university speaking to the first batch of students stating that It is a great pleasure for him to welcome them on behalf of the university family, and inspired the students by telling his experience as an ex- post graduate student at the UK .


Additional addresses preceding the inaugural address was made by the deans of different faculties whom emphasized the excellence of different postgraduate programs and wish students a distinguished academic year.


The ceremony ended by a delivery of refreshments

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