06 Aug

Resumption of studies at the university

Main Campus 03:24

In accordance to the recommendations of the Ministry of Higher Education and scientific research that was issued on 28 July 2020 The Scientific Affairs Secretariat announces the resumption of the study according to the following calendar:

Date of resumption of studies Levels
Saturday, 15/8/ 2020 First-level students in all departments (bachelor + diploma)
Saturday 15/8/2020 Final level students in all departments (bachelor's + diploma)
Saturday 29/8/2020 Students at all other levels (bachelor's + diploma)
Saturday 15/8/2020 Postgraduate Students (Masters)

All students must follow the recommendations issued by the Ministry of Health and by the Emergency Medical Board in regards to fighting the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic by wearing face masks and the implementation of social distancing inside the University. The students were divided into groups inside the classroom, which will be posted at the boards inside the university
We also encourage all students who did not complete their registration process to do so no later than Saturday 15/8/2020. All students are required to review the academic calendar that will be posted on the university website

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