Cisco Networking Academy is dedicated to helping students from all backgrounds and experiences, building exciting, lucrative IT careers in networking, cyber security, IoT, and more. It delivers best-in-class curriculum and learning tools, plus comprehensive career resources. Learning from a proven leader in networking education to build your career possibilities. Networking isn’t only for network engineers; it’s a fundamental skill valuable for various types of jobs in the technology sector.

Mashreq University has the approval of establishing the first Cisco Networking Academy in Sudan in 2021. It is an accredited academy of the Cisco International Academy through a cooperation agreement between the Cisco center in Sudan and the international Cisco Systems to become the leading center in the field of e-learning. The academy offers a wide range of the latest e-learning courses and communications over the internet.

The main goal of Cisco Networking Academy-Mashreq University and the central Cisco Networking Academy is to help change the lifestyle. This is achieved through preparing international certificates in the field of industry and information and communication technology (ICT) jobs effectively by acquiring basic and advanced skills in the areas of ICT, problem solving, collaboration as well as critical thinking.

The Networking Academy offers a learning experience fit for today's growth, a comprehensive experience that helps those interested in the field that develops the essential ICT skills needed to build and manage networks. The trainee completes hands-on learning activities and network simulations to develop practical skills that will help them meet the growing demand for network engineers/technicians around the world. The Networking Academy helps students to prepare for ICT careers at all levels, training or further education, and internationally recognized certifications by providing them with the skills needed to maintain the networks that are the backbone of the global economy.

The Cisco Networking Academy at Mashreq University offers certificates accredited by the Cisco International Academy and signed by a Cisco certified instructor and the Chairman of the Cisco Board of Directors and Executive Office.


A pioneering academy in innovative education and vocational training in accordance with Cisco International Academy standards, using and integrating the latest methods of ICT to develop the educational process due to its significant for human, economic and social development.


  • Contribute to raising the scientific level.
  • Orgnaize specialized courses to graduate trainers and students.
  • Award an accredited Cisco certificate to academy graduates.
  • Train in network, information and communication technology.
  • Increase the professional and technical expertise of university employees.
  • Exchange of experiences with similar academies internally and externally.
  • The syllabus is prepared by international experts in the field of networks from Cisco Academy in order to refine the theoretical side with practical skills.
  • The program combines E-Learning and traditional education, which achieves positive results in the trainee receiving information.
  • The academies’ courses are available in several languages, including Arabic, via an on-line e-learning system, with a continuous update of the curriculum.
  • The theoretical and practical curriculum is implemented by certified trainers from the Cisco Academy in qualified classrooms and laboratories that have the necessary and supportive requirements for learning and teaching.
  • One of the reasons for the strength and success of the program is that it is not satisfied with what it provides of theoretical scientific information, but rather provides a practical curriculum with each paragraph and each chapter of the theoretical curriculum.
  • The Cisco Network Academy at Mashreq University is equipped with a set of computers, devices, equipment, tools, wires and other supplies from Cisco Academy.
  • The curriculum on the website is characterized as interactive; containing electronic clarifications that support the theoretical concept. In addition, the theoretical curriculum includes the following:
    • 1- Short exams (Quizzes) after each chapter using multiple methods.
    • 2- Various activities on the curriculum.
    • 3- Quarterly online exams to assess the student's comprehension of the curriculum. Its grades are recorded in the “grade book” in the instructor's webpage and in the student's webpage.

Enrollment in the academy:

  • Basic knowledge of a computer.
  • Basic skills for navigating the personal computer operating system.
  • Basic skills in using the Internet.

The courses available in the Cisco Network Academy - Mashreq University and approved by the Cisco International Academy, according to the semester level, are as shown below:

Term Title Duration (hr.)
1 CCNA: Introduction to Networks 70
2 CCNA: Switching, Routing, and Wireless Essentials 70
3 CCNA: Enterprise Networking, Security, and Automation 70
1 CCNP Enterprise: Core Networking 70
2 CCNP Enterprise: Advanced Routing 70
Other coursers – Coming Soon