By: MU Events Posted: 2020-02-05

Mashreq University organized the TEDx conference

Mashreq University organized the activities of the TEDx World Conference on Saturday, 1 February 2020, in the Communication Tower, with the participation of 19 pioneering speakers, who shared the attendance with their creativity and practical experiences in various fields. The conference was opened by Dr. Gihad Abdulaziz, who said in his speech, that organizing these events comes as part of the efforts made by the Mashreq University in order to create an environment that includes leadership and creativity specifically among the ranks of the young generation, who will carry the banner of state building, and achieve the legitimate hopes of the Sudanese people. Dr. Gihad expressed his pride in this elite group of students for their efforts in organizing such conferences, as students search for new ideas to encourage creativity and innovation. At a time when Mashreq University considers that the mission of higher education institutions should extend to the development of new ideas working to achieve urgent goals, stressing that the university is still investing valuable resources to find such a culture, and follows the interactive relationship between science and creativity based on scientific research. Dr. Gihad praised Mashreq University students and their positive capabilities in creating an effective creative and research environment at the Mashreq University , stressing that these youth ideas constitute a strong lever for a better future. Dr. Gihad stressed the support of Mashreq University for students and researchers, based on its belief in creativity, and as a viable means towards development and prosperity. The speakers tackled 19 different issues of importance in this conference, which was titled "SKY IS THE LIMIT". The conference featured video presentations on TED International, and various musical performances.