By: MU Events Posted: 2020-11-20

Mashreq University celebrates World Diabetes Day in November 2020

The celebration was organized under the supervision of professors and students of the university's medical faculties (medicine - medical laboratory sciences - and nursing sciences) and the honor of attending
Dr.. Sir Al-Khatim Ismail Sri, Deputy Secretary General of the Sudanese Diabetes Association. The Secretary General of the Diabetes Program Promotion Organization. And dr. Faten Yahya Kazim, Coordinator of Medical Professions Councils at the Council of Medical Specialties and the Vice-President of Ibn Sina University, Professor Muzammil Abu al-Qasim, and the Director of Public Relations of SRM Indian University in Sudan. And with the participation of Al-Shahba Medical Equipment Company.
The program contained educational lectures for diabetics. Free clinics and examinations for diabetics. Exhibitions, contests and prizes.
The Program also included practical training on how to inject insulin and take care of diabetic foot. The program targeted university employees; students, their families, and residents of the Shambat area, adjacent to the university's buildings, as part of the university's social responsibility