By: MU Events Posted: 2021-02-16

Training and Continuous Education Center

The Training and continuous Education Center conducted a closing day for The training course in Marketing and Sales presented by Dr. Nasreddin Temsah on Thursday 11/02/2021 at Dr. Ibrahim Shaddad hall. The course was attended by numerous trainees. The closing day of the course was attended by:
Dr. Nizar Khalil Hallab, Vice President of the University
Dr. Abu Obaidah Taha, Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies
Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Hassan, Head of Communications Engineering Department
Dr. Ibrahim Hassan, Head of the Medical Engineering Department.
The trainees praised the course content and agreed to coordinate with the Training and Continuing Education Center at the university to organize many training courses in various fields to connect graduates with the job market in the medical sciences
The program included several stages, which began with a lecture about hepatitis B and the importance of vaccination and administering the first dose of the vaccine, and other stages will follow during the next two months.
The Vice President of the University and the Secretary of Scientific Affairs have followed the progress of the program