By: MU Events Posted: 2021-05-29

College of Postgraduate Studies

Congratulations to Mashreq University, College of Postgraduate Studies on the occasion of defending the first master’s thesis (by research) entitled "The Role of Strategic Management in Improving the Performance of Higher Education Institutions" by Ibrahim Taj Al-Sir, where the defense took place in the presence of members of a committee consisting of Dr. Nahla Othman (Internal Examiner) and Dr. Nayla El-Tiny (Supervisor).
Congratulations are also extended to the President of the University, Dr. Omar Haj Ali Haj Al-Hassan and the Vice President of the University, Dr. Nizar Khalil Al-Hallab, for their encouragement and continued support in the field of scientific research and also to the family of the College of Graduate Studies, represented by Dr. Babiker Abdul Rahman Othman, Dean of the College of Graduate Studies, and Dr. Hind Al-Asam, Business Administration Program Coordinator.