By: MU Events Posted: 2019-01-09

Faculty of Engineering - Graduation Projects Exhibition for the academic year 2017 - 2018

The Faculty of Engineering has held an exhibition of the final year projects of its graduates. The aim of the exhibition was to illustrate the operating principles of those projects and their development potentials, besides sharing the practical knowledge and the experiences of conducting final year projects. The faculty believes that such events would exemplify to the students the specialty of each discipline.
It included various service projects in the fields of environment, health and power generation. Several projects were also concerned with the development of military devices, surveillance systems and data encryption in addition to the industrial projects of wireless sensors, fire detection equipment and metal detection. Moreover, it included projects related to control systems, drawing and prototyping.
The Faculty of Engineering would like to thank all the participating students and graduates for their hard work and for their excellent performance, and wishes its students the best of success and excellence.